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RHEWUM-screening technology: Screening machines, Feeders and Optical sorters

RHEWUM in Remscheid offers you high efficiency air classifiers, optical systems, screening machines and a lot more. By constant research and development we improve the quality of our screening technology.

This screen type is a throw sieve which employs direct excitation of screen mesh; thus the screen housing only takes a statical function. It also preserves the building and/or the steel structure.No dynamic loads are transmitted as they are created by completely vibrating convential screens and rigid connection to on-and off-going chutework is possible. A protection against dust emissions.

Linear motion screening machines are inexpensive (economic) machines, where the whole screening unit is excited to a linear vibration. They are manufactured according to the application as single or multi-deck screening machines, being able to use a wide variety of screen cloths such as wire meshes, perforated plates, press welded meshes, plastic coverings etc.

The mono-fractioned separation of raw materials in rejects and pure product by means of optical sorting processes is an essential production step in reducing of production cost as well as for quality assurance of the final product.

Due to their modular design the air classifier with its vast sharp separation can be applied for many tasks. This high efficiency sifters are the result of long year experience and development.

The drive principle of the DF type machines is based on the use of two out-of-balance motors running with different speeds. The motor with the lower speed and higher out of balance weight is positioned at the inlet, whereas the motor with the higher speed and lower out of balance weight is positioned at the outlet.

For many processing tasks the use of wet screens is required. The product in suspension is fed by suitable feeding systems (syphon, overflow pipe or similar) onto the screen width. The liquid used depends on the product and when passing the mesh takes along a certain amount of fines to the outlet. This process is supported by the double-frequent direct excitation of screen net which simultaneously ensures smooth transport of the coarse material. The flow forces aroused by the liquid additionally deagglomerates the material. In many cases this can be boosted by an additional watering device.

Powerful vibrating conveyors and vibrating feeders: RHEWUM GmbH

First-class and modern materials preparation technology made in Germany- Allow yourself to be convinced by RHEWUM.