Code of conduct



1. Requirements

RHEWUM is committed to an ecologically and socially responsible corporate governance. We expect the same behavior from our employees and business partners. We are constantly striving to carry out optimizations in terms of the conservation of resources and sustainability and ask our suppliers to contribute under a holistic approach.

For a future collaboration, the business partners agree on the validity of a common code of conduct. This agreement shall apply as the basis for all future business. Potential subcontractors shall also be obliged to comply with it. A violation of this code of conduct can be a reason and the cause for termination of business relations.


1.1 Forced Labor

No forced labor, slave labor or comparable work can be utilized. In addition, psychological hardship, sexual or personal harassment, or similar treatment to workers is completely unacceptable.


1.2 Child Labor

Child labor shall not be used in production. If children are encountered at work, suppliers shall immediately and expechtiously document the measures to be taken to remedy the situation and allow children to attend school.


1.3 Safety and health

Occupational health and safety are an important prerequisite for healthy, motivated, and creative employees as well as for the competitiveness of our company. All employees have the responsibility to comply with laws and regulations on occupational safety, health and environmental protection.


1.4 Environmental and climate protection

The objective of environmental protection is to protect, maintain and preserve the natural basis of human life. All employees are required to protect their working environment and beyond, through their behavior. Sustainability is an important requirement: We create lasting value for our customers, business partners and our company.


1.5 Taking advantage

Legal integrity must be maintained in all business activities. In order to enforce anti-corruption laws and to prevent the taking of advantages, RHEWUM pursues a zero-tolerance policy with business partners and employees.


1.6 Prohibition of discrimination

Discrimination against employees in any form is prohibited. This applies, for example, to discrimination based on gender, race, caste, skin color, disability, political conviction, origin, religion, age, pregnancy, or sexual orientation.


1.7 Complaints procedure

Business partners are responsible at the operations level for establishing an effective grievance mechanism for individuals and communities who may be affected by adverse impacts.


1.8 Finance

Potential impacts of actions of the company, business partners or employees/staff on society must be considered. It is the responsibility of each business partner or employee to support the fight against economic crime, including fraud, money laundering, bribery, corruption and terrorist financing. Sanctions and embargoes are strictly observed.


1.9 Social responsibility and donations

Social responsibility is also exercised in the form of donations to support social projects at local level. Donations are contributions that are not linked to any specific service in return.

Compliance with internationally recognized human rights is a matter of course for all of us. Our COMPLIANCE management ensures that all employees fulfill their responsibility to ensure legal compliance in their areas.


1.10 Quality and Quality Standards

RHEWUM products should provide added value to the purchaser. We are aware that ensuring quality and product safety is the basis of our success. Improvements necessary for this are implemented comprehensively and sustainably. In compliance with international quality management systems, raw materials undergo a multi-stage selection process. All products fulfill an unconditional requirement to meet the high-quality standards of our business partners.


2. Implementation of the requirements

We expect our business partners to identify risks in supply chains and to take appropriate measures to avoid them. In order to safeguard supply chains with increased risks, business partners will report to RHEWUM in a timely manner and on a regular basis about any suspected or identified violations and potential risks and the measures taken to contravent these.


3. Acknowledgement and confirmation

RHEWUM employees/staff agree to comply with the principles and requirements outlined in this document.

Our business partners are required to act responsibly and comply with the principles/requirements listed herein, as well into as local federal laws, to communicate the contents of this Code to employees, agents and subcontractors in a manner that is understandable, and to take all necessary precautions to implement the requirements.