Certified separating machines


Our headquarters are based in Remscheid, an important center of metal processing in the region of „Bergisches Land “, and easily reachable by car, air or train.

All RHEWUM separating machines are designed and manufactured in Remscheid on RHEWUM’s own premises. Production is situated in the immediate vicinity of the design department, so we are able to consider our customers’ requests and realize them without delay.

We are working with a documented quality management system and are certificated by DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. All separating machines and equipment leaving our works are manufactured in accordance with European standards and subject to strict internal standards of quality control.

More Certificates:

DIN EN ISO 3834-2
Ex Certificate Directive 2014/34/EU

RHEWUM - Quality "Made in Germany"

The Benefits of Production in Germany

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are pleased to present to you the outstanding benefits of production in Germany for our company, RHEWUM. For years, we have been proud to manufacture our high-quality products under stringent German quality standards. This not only has a positive impact on our products but also on our customers and the environment.

1. Precision and Quality

German engineering is renowned worldwide. At RHEWUM, we rely on this expertise to deliver products of the highest precision and quality. Our highly skilled professionals ensure that every step of the production process is carried out meticulously. The result is products that meet the highest standards and are distinguished by durability and reliability.

2. Spirit of Innovation

Germany is a leader in research and development. At RHEWUM, we continuously invest in innovative technologies and processes to provide our customers with the latest and most efficient solutions. Our proximity to scientific institutions and companies in Germany allows us to identify trends early and incorporate them into our products.

3. Environmental Responsibility

Production in Germany also means taking environmental responsibility. We place great importance on sustainability and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Through short supply chains and strict environmental regulations in Germany, we minimize the ecological footprint of our products, contributing to the preservation of our planet.

4. Flexibility and Individuality

The German production landscape is characterized by its flexibility and adaptability. At RHEWUM, we can quickly respond to individual customer wishes and develop tailor-made solutions. This flexibility enables us to offer our customers excellent service and products that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

5. Qualified Workforce

In Germany, we have an outstanding tradition of education and highly qualified workforce. Our employees are dedicated, experienced, and significantly contribute to the quality of our products. Their expertise and passion are the driving force behind our success.
We take pride in being "Made in Germany" and reflecting the benefits of German production in all our products. These advantages are reflected in quality, innovation, environmental responsibility, flexibility, and our highly motivated team.
Experience for yourself the outstanding results that production in Germany brings to our products. Contact us today to learn more about our top-class solutions.

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