Quality policy

Our long-term and constant goal is that our products and services always meet the customer's requirements. Always being customer-oriented ensures our economic success and enables us to keep all jobs in our company. The benchmark for our success in terms of the technical and economic demands placed on our products is their quality in every respect.

RHEWUM considers customer orientation as the primary goal for its daily work.

The foundations of our quality policy are:

  • Our primary goal is to meet the customer's requirements. This applies not only to our employees with direct customer contact, but to all employees throughout the company.
  • By making our company organization efficient, we want to avoid mistakes and increase our productivity. Ultimately, our customers also benefit from both objectives.
  • Quality is relative and quality requirements are defined by the customer. Our already high quality standards will also continue to rise. We want to (and we must) constantly improve our quality in order to always remain productive.
  • As a production company, quality, profitability and success are crucially dependent on the qualification of our employees and our production tools. Our employees regularly participate in continuing education and training courses that enable them to always perform their work under high quality standards. By constantly checking our production and inspection tools, we ensure that our employees always have the best tools to realize our quality standards.
  • Good working conditions include safety in the workplace. Our management is aware of its responsibility towards its employees. Their goal is to establish measures to prevent accidents. In turn, all employees are required to inform their supervisors of the resulting requirements.
  • Being economical also means using available resources sparingly. Among these resources, we also count the resource
  • The control of production processes is determined by their definition and their maintenance depending on changing requirements. The internal and external communication shall ensure this.
  • We support all employees to be active in quality assurance and quality improvement. We want to do our best to manufacture only products whose quality standards fully meet the following requirements:
  • Special requirements of the customer
  • Requirements resulting from legal, regulatory and normative requirements
  • Requirements resulting from eco-political regulations regarding production and recycling

All employees are required to adapt their own actions to the above guidelines. Deviations from the above guidelines or suggestions for improvement should be discussed with their superiors.

To ensure consistent quality of our goods and services, our company has implemented a quality management system that is fully supported by our management.

This quality management system complies with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

All RHEWUM employees are asked to do their best to achieve the above quality goals.