Screening machines for abrasives

Abrasives consist of hard grains which are used in compound form for the targeted removal of materials. These abrasives are divided into natural (such as quartz, corundum/ aluminum oxide, emery, garnet) and synthetic grain materials (such as silicon carbide, cubical boron, diamond). In addition, abrasives are classified according to their grit size into coarse, medium, fine or very fine grains. 

The task of separating abrasives is to screen as many mono-fractions as possible. With the RHEstack® plansifter, up to 11 different fractions can be screened on just one machine. A large number of sharp separations in the medium and fine grain range from 20 µm can be separated with this machine. Two oppositely rotating unbalanced motors generate a linear vibration on the screen mesh, exposing the product to be screened to a large number of micro-throws before it leaves the machine. Thanks to the modular system of this screening machine, up to 15 screen decks can be installed. Thus, different grain sizes can be produced in a single machine without having to change screen decks. Shape-optimized bouncing elements between the meshes keep the meshes reliably free.

Screening of blasting media with static screening machines

Blasting media are used for surface treatment by abrasive blasting. Coarse and loose dirt is removed in the process. Glass balls, steel balls, blast furnace slag or even corundum (Al2O3) are used. The shape of the blasting media is spherical or angular, primarily mineral or metallic bulk materials are used. Synthetic blasting media are rather rare.

The used materials are extremely abradant and are recycled after blasting. In the recycling of the blasting media, the entire blasting material is recovered and screened off. The remaining coarse material is added back to the feed and thus reused several times. The separated fine material (dirt and breakage) is discarded.

When supplying screening machines for blasting media, the highly abrasive products are quite a challenge. Sufficient wear protection must be provided in any case. Screening machines designed as long-stroke screens or tumbler screens and screens with linear motion are not recommended, as considerable wear on the screening machine and the sensitive screen cloths is unavoidable due to the sliding motion.

Instead, RHEWUM screening machines with direct excitation of the screen mesh in which the housing remains static are used. The vibrations transmitted directly to the mesh not only achieve precise separations, but can also be used as a cleaning mechanism by an adjustable short-term increase in frequency.

Recommended screening machines for abrasives and blasting media 



Plansifter with multiple screen decks for the production of up to 11 ultra-pure fractions with one machine

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Screening machine with static housing for screening blasting media with separations from 2 mm (10 Me.)

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Static screening machine removes dirt and dust from abrasives larger than 100 µm (140 Me.)

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Product examples

  • Corundum (aluminum oxide)
  • Silicon carbide
  • Diamond
  • Quartz sand
  • Garnet sand
  • Boron nitride

Your benefits

  • Production of up to 11 ultra-pure fractions on only one screening machine
  • Cleaning systems ensure maximum machine availability
  • Static screen housings reduce wear and thus minimize maintenance costs