Separation of chemical products

When processing chemical products, the focus is often on preventing agglomeration. Moisture contained in the material causes solids to be formed into a "lump" absorbing even more particles and creating an agglomerate. In order to dissolve the adhesive forces of the particles and loosen these agglomerates, a great deal of power is required, which our machines generate through high acceleration.

In addition, bulk loads of raw chemicals often contain impurities that can damage downstream equipment such as reactors, pumps or valves in the chemical production process. To prevent damage and protect the quality of the chemicals produced, a vibrating screen can be used to remove all oversized particles and impurities.

RHEWUM screening machines are not only used in the screening of sulfates, chlorides, phosphates, acids, polymers or sulfur, they are particularly convincing in the screening of soda respectively sodium carbonate. The screening task is usually to screen out the existing dust content from the actual soda product. The separation usually takes place in the range of 0.1 mm to 1.15 mm. Screening capacities vary between 5 t/h and 75 t/h per screening machine. In addition to product screening, protective screening is also carried out before loading the saleable products. Any soda agglomerates that may form are safely removed by simple separation in the range 1 mm to 4 mm.

Screening machines for chemical products

The RHEsono® high-frequency vibration screen can be perfectly used for the separation of agglomerates as well as the removal of oversized particles and impurities. Externally mounted robust electromagnets transmit vibrations directly into the screen mesh, while the screen housing remains static. Thus, high accelerations of 15 g and more can be achieved directly at the screening material. Thanks to this efficient vibration transfer to the screen mesh, the adhesive forces of the particles are overcome and the material is desagglomerated. Automatic cleaning pulses prevent clogging of the screen mesh. In a minimum of space, the RHEsono® achieves a high-purity end product with separations down to less than 100 µm at high specific screening capacities.

For uncomplicated pre-classification or protective screening, the robust and low-maintenance linear vibrating screen RHEflex® is recommended. 

Furthermore, metal-organic frameworks (MOFS) can be classified by a RHEWUM machine as well. For this purpose, we recommend RHEstack® screening machines, which, due to their unbeatable separation efficiency, gently screen these very high-quality products without unnecessary product losses.

Screening machines according to special requirements

Chemical products such as chlorides or acids can cause corrosion on screening machines. RHEWUM's screening machines are constructed to meet this requirement in the best possible way and are made of a suitable (stainless) steel grade.

For chemical products that show high hygroscopy, it is important to avoid excessive humidity so that the product remains sieveable. With gas-tight screening machines and optional screen mesh heaters that reduce the formation of moisture, RHEWUM also provides a solution for this requirement. Of course, our screening machines can also be manufactured according to ATEX and FDA specifications.

Recommended screening machines for chemicals



Vibration screening machine with high frequency vibrations and automatic cleaning

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Robust and low-maintenance linear vibrating screen for preclassification or protective screening

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Precision screening machine with numerous screen decks for ultra clean separations

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Product examples

  • Detergents
  • Sulfates
  • Chlorides
  • Phosphates
  • Acids
  • Sulphur

Your benefits

  • Efficient vibration transmission achieves high accelerations directly at the screen mesh, releasing adhesive forces between particles
  • High-precision screening even in the finest range and reliable separation of agglomerates
  • Consistent high quality of your chemical product
  • Customized machine design tailored specifically to your requirements