Screening machines for animal feed and pet food: Feed pellets, animal meal and insect maggots

Animal feed is used as a general term for various forms of animal food, which serves to feed all animals held by humans. Just like the production of food for humans, the production of animal feed is also subject to state controls and regulatory standards. Screening machines help to ensure the quality of pet food during the production process.

Screening technology for feed pellets and animal meal

Animal feeds usually have a low bulk density and can have a high adhesive force between particles. The effect is often intensified by a certain residual moisture in the materials. Therefore the own weight force is not sufficient to successfully disagglomerate and separate animal feed. Due to their shape feed pellets also tend to get stuck in the meshes and thus clog screen cloths in the long term.

To solve these difficulties our direct excitation screening machines such as the RHEmoto® or RHEsono® are the perfect solution. The direct vibration transmission enables high frequencies and thus high accelerations directly at the product to be screened. Due to these high accelerations it is possible to remove adhesions of finest grains from pellets and to efficiently dedust the product.

Even agglomerates of the finest particles can be efficiently dissolved, enabling even the finest animal meal to be efficiently processed using a small screen area. The automatic cleaning function of these machines additionally ensures that the screen meshes remain free over time.

In order to exclude contamination of the generated product by the screening process, we are happy to manufacture your machine completely in stainless steel and without any plastic elements. Our machines are easy to clean and maintain. Even changing your product can be realized quickly by a simple exchange of the screen cloth and fast adjustment of the screen inclination.

Proven screening solutions for insect maggots

When sieving maggots or living insects out of the soil, e.g. as fishing equipment, two problems can occur: the first problem is that the maggots try to cling to the screen mesh during the sieving process. If, on the other hand, the diameter of the maggot is equal to the size of the mesh size and the insect gets stuck in the screen mesh, the second problem occurs. As an alternative to conventional linear vibrators, our screening machines with direct vibration at the screen mesh are used to prevent the maggots from getting stuck during the screening process. Adjustable cleaning intervals remove stuck insects from the screen meshes. In the past especially our RHEWUM screening machines RHEsono® and RHEsonox® have proven themselves for efficient screening of insect maggots.

Furthermore, polymesh® tensioning screens made of high quality polyurethane can be used instead of the well-known steel screen linings. Polyurethane screens achieve a high level of precision and are ideal for producing small separation cuts even below 1 mm. In addition, the long meshes and the flexible material prevent the maggots from clinging during screening.

Recommended screening machines for pet food



Powerful magnetic drive for highest accelerations directly at the screen cloth

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Advantageous combination of direct excitation vibrating screen and linear oscillator for best separation results

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Direct vibration transmission to the screen fabric by low-maintenance unbalanced motors

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Product examples

  • Feed pellets
  • Fish, animal & bone meal
  • Insect maggots
  • Grains & grist
  • Molasses & beet pulp 
  • Brewers grains & pomace

Your benefits

  • High accelerations directly at the screen mesh remove adhesions of finest grains from pellets
  • Agglomerates of finest particles in animal meal can be efficiently dissolved
  • High-frequency vibration prevents insect maggots from clinging and getting stuck
  • The screen meshes are kept free by adjustable cleaning intervals
  • Machine design is adapted to the requirements of food production