Screening machines for potash fertilizer 

Screening machines are needed at various points in the processing of potash. Initially in the extraction of potash salt, which is first crushed and then classified, and later in the compacting, granulate screening and loading process.

Agglomerates must be reliably separated to prevent clogging of the fertilizer spreaders. Furthermore, the dust content of the product should also be minimized. Dusting fertilizer does not only cause problems during production, but also later during application. It pollutes air and equipment, is difficult to handle, dose and distribute and finally stands for low product quality. Both agglomerates and dust can be reliably removed by a screening machine with multiple decks on a small footprint. As screening machines have a considerably lower energy requirement compared to crushers, they can also relieve crushing stages (selective crushing) in addition to the pure production of saleable product to avoid cost-intensive overgrinding.

Sieving potash fertilizer without lumps and dust

For the efficient screening of potash fertilizer, vibration and high capacity screening machines prove to be the best choice. High capacity screens like the RHEWUM Double Frequency Screening Machine RHEduo® are used for high throughputs with medium to coarse separation cuts. For challenging product properties and separations below 3 mm the screening machine with direct excitation RHEmoto® achieves optimal results. Even at high throughputs both screening machines achieve a continuously high product quality with constant particle sizes free of dust and lumps.

Recommended screening machines for potash fertilizer



High capacity screening machine for separating large product quantities with outstanding purity

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Compact high capacity screening unit for high throughput rates in the medium and coarse grain range

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Precise and reliable vibration sieve for difficult to screen products in the fine to medium grain range

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Product examples

  • Granular potash
  • Standard potash
  • Fine potash
  • Kornkali®, Magnesia Kainit®, Patentkali®,…
  • K-Mag®, Aspire®, Pegasus®, ...

Your benefits

  • Constant particle sizes without dust and lumps
  • Continuously high product quality
  • High output thanks to low product loss
  • Maximum product throughput on multiple screen decks