Screening machines for salt processing

Whether table salt or industrial salt, coarse or fine salt, RHEWUM offers screening machines that can process several hundred tons per hour without compromising the separation quality. In contrast to conventional shaker screens, our flexibly adjustable screening machines allow the vibrations to be optimally distributed over the screening surface and individually adjusted to the screened product in order to achieve a continuously high screening quality.

Screening fine salt with high precision

For the precise sieving of fine salt, our screening machines type RHEsono® and RHEmoto® have proven to be extremely effective. They are mainly used as multi-deckers for smaller separation cuts of 0.1 mm to 5 mm and feed capacities of 40 to 200 tons per hour per machine.

  • Fine salt is hygroscopic which means that it becomes moist and clumps in the air. In our screening machines the screen cloth is vibrated at high frequency by the movement of a knocker shaft. With this technique, the adhesive forces of the particles are overcome, agglomerates in the salt are dissolved and the screen mesh remains free of plugged particles so that production does not have to be stopped for cleaning.
  • Another reason for the high availability of the screening machines: the external drives allow maintenance even during operation. The large number of drives provides the advantage that production can continue even if one drive fails.
  • Due to their modular design, the RHEsono® and RHEmoto® screening machines can be easily installed in existing building structures. No dynamic forces are transmitted to the building or the steel construction.
  • For the processing of salt used in the food and feed industry, machine components of various stainless steels can be used, which are only of limited use in total-vibrating machines due to vibration or for reasons of durability and service life. Conformity to FDA regulations can therefore be granted.

Maximum output with reliable screening quality

For extra high feed rates the screening machines RHEduo® and RHEduox® are recommended. These machines are able to process more than 200 tons of salt per hour on each machine without any problems.

The advantage of this design is the double-frequency drive principle. But what does that mean? At the inlet, the screening material is loosened up by large vibration amplitudes at low frequency. At the outlet area, high-frequency screening with a low vibration amplitude allows numerous comparisons of the salt grains with the screening meshes and thus ensures a clean separation.

All-round solution for salt screening

The screening machine RHEflex® offers a flexible and cost-effective screening solution for coarser salt (from 2 mm).

It is multifunctional and available as a circular or linear vibration screen and it can be installed upstream of the vibration screening machines with direct vibration transmission to relieve the fine screening.

Recommended screening machines for salt



Vibration screening machine with effective power transmission for best separation results for fine salt

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Different vibration amplitudes at the inlet and outlet enables the precise classification of huge amounts of salt

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Flexible and cost-effective screening machine for easy screening of salt with separations larger than 2 mm

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Product examples

  • Rock salt
  • Sea salt
  • Evaporated salt
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Calcium chloride
  • Glauber's & epsom salt

Your benefits

  • Even high feed quantities of more than 200 tons per hour can be precisely classified with just one machine
  • An even and individually adjustable vibration transmission through unique drive technologies guarantees a continuously high screening quality
  • High machine availability thanks to permanently free screen meshes, numerous external drives and maintenance during operation
  • Machines can easily be designed according to FDA guidelines for the production of table salt