Industrial sand screening machines for the production of a variety of sand granulations

The application possibilities for sand are virtually unlimited: whether in the production of ceramics, glass fibers, the chemical industry, as abrasives and release agents, foundry sand, or in the construction industry. Each of these applications requires a specific composition of various chemical and/or natural components, which must be precisely adhered to. The high accuracy of RHEWUM's industrial sand screening machines meets the requirements of each application.

The sands of this earth are becoming scarce. This poses a significant challenge, especially for the construction industry, as most buildings are made of concrete, which in turn consists of 60 percent sand. Since sand is a natural product, its properties can vary significantly, making the demands on the industrial sand screening euipment very high. Sand for concrete production is subject to relevant standards and typically has a grain size between 0 to 2 mm, while gravel or aggregates range from 2 to 8 mm. However, Manufactured Sand (M-Sand) is gaining prominence due to environmental concerns and depleting natural sand reserves. Its consistent quality makes it a preferred alternative for construction.

Industrial sand screening systems for the optimal classification of sand

For the classification of pure, medium to coarse-grained quartz sand with a high degree of grain rounding, which serves as a proppant in fracking for oil and gas extraction, the powder sieve RHEsonox® with its combination of two drive principles is the best choice. This industrial sand separator combines the advantages of the linear vibrating screen RHEflex® for medium and coarser separations at approx. 2 to 10 mm and the directly excited vibrating screen RHEsono® with electromagnet drives for more precise and finer separations down to 100 µm.

The robust RHEflex® screening machine is tolerant to material fluctuations and requires very little maintenance. The screen mesh can be changed in just a few minutes and the two durable unbalance motors are located outside the machine, making adjustments or repairs easily accessible. It is perfect for industrial sand screening in the medium- to coarse-grained range and is also suitable for screening naturally moist sands.

For applications with finer separations of less than 2 mm plus even higher, exorbitant accelerations at the screen mesh, the directly excited vibrating screen RHEsono® with electromagnetic drives is the most precise and finest solution. Automatic, adjustable cleaning pulses of the screen cloth reduce clogging on this type of machine and avoid costly production downtimes.

The RHEsonox® powder sieve that combines both drive principles in only one machine provides an optimal solution for varying sand separation requirements. This ensures efficient and flexible production of (among other things) frac sand in the USA, especially in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Semi-stationary sand preparation with industrial sand separators

The utilization of the resource sand is typically operated in a stationary manner. The sand is washed and classified into corresponding grain sizes. If the resource of sand is not available, alternatives like crushed gravel can be classified after breaking. This can be achieved through semi-stationary preparation. RHEWUM is capable of designing semi-stationary sand processing plants with first-class industrial sand screening equipment such as the linear vibrating screen RHEflex® and the precision screen RHEfino, producing sand directly on-site in quarries without the need for long-distance transportation before processing.

Semi-stationary means that the required sand is produced in a lightweight steel structure. This is made possible by the advantageous arrangement of the necessary industrial sand separators. While the seemingly heavy crusher is placed advantageously close to the ground, directly excited static screening machines are used for subsequent fine screening. This significantly reduces the steel construction workload, and the plant can be easily relocated at a later time.

Recommended screening machines for sand



The ideal drive combination for efficient screening of e.g. frac sand

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Uncomplicated screening machine for classifying sands at approx. 2 to 10 mm

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Electromagnetic drives enable the most precise screening of critical separations in the fine particle range

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Product examples

  • Quartz sand
  • Crushed sand
  • Building sand
  • Garnet sand
  • Olive sand
  • Basalt sand
  • Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)

Your benefits

  • Solid and low-maintenance screening solutions for coarse separations
  • Intelligent drive concept with high-frequency vibrations for precise screening of fine sands
  • Cleaning systems prevent clogging of the screen cloth and enable trouble-free screening even for moist sands
  • Multi-deck screens for the production of several fractions with only one machine