Screening machines as sifters in sugar processing

Sugar sifters have a long tradition at RHEWUM. We were the first who were able to screen the fine sugar dust on an industrial scale on so-called sifters. We succeeded in doing so by using magnetic drives on our screening machines with direct excitation. In addition to crystal sugar or refined sugar RHEWUM also screens lactose, dextrose, maltose or malt sugar as well as fruit sugar or fructose and various sugar substitutes.

Screening machines for sieving sugar substitutes such as sorbitol

The unique drive principle of RHEWUM sieving machines using electromagnets provides a significant advantage when sieving sweeteners (Aspartame (E 951), Acesulfame-K (E950), Saccharin (E 954), Sucralose (E 955), Stevia (E960)) as well as sugar substitutes/ sugar alcohols (alditols) like Sorbitol, Glucitol, Hexanhexol (E420), Mannitol (E421), Xylitol (E967), Maltitol (E965), Lactitol (E966) or Erythritol (E 968). The high-frequency vibration directly on the sieve mesh with automatic cleaning pulses ensures extremely precise classification of fine powdery and sticky sweeteners and sugar alcohols without clogging of the sieve meshes.

Challenges in sugar processing - not a problem for RHEWUM

  • Even at low moisture concentrations, sugar tends to stick together, which makes the screening process much more difficult.
  • In addition, the shape of the sugar particles creates the risk of getting stuck in the meshes, which clogs the screen cloth and has a negative effect on the screening result.
  • With our direct excitation screening machine type RHEsono®, which achieves an acceleration of the screening material of 15g, even sticky sugar can be screened sharply and clogging of the screen cloth can be avoided.
  • Freely adjustable cleaning intervals with up to 50 g acceleration during the screening process provide automatic cleaning of the screen cloths.
  • The inclination of the mesh allows the sugar to be transported over the screen mesh. External drives enable maintenance even during operation.
  • A further advantage of the direct excitation screening machine is the static screening machine housing, which does not transfer the dynamic loads into the surrounding building and minimizes the required energy consumption.
  • For sugar processing in the medium to coarse-grained range, our more cost-effective linear and circular screen type RHEflex® is the ideal solution. The shaking is generated by low-maintenance unbalanced motors.

Other special challenges in sugar processing are the risk of explosion due to high dust emissions as well as the high quality and hygiene requirements in the food sector. RHEWUM works strictly according to ATEX guidelines. Therefore, our screening machines are also available with pressure- and dust-tight housing and connection to a dust extraction system. Due to the consideration and application of FDA (food and drug administration) guidelines our RHEWUM screening machines can also be used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Compliance with FDA guidelines is required for products manufactured in the USA as well as for imported products.

Recommended screening machines for sugar and sugar substitutes



Static screening machine with highest acceleration and self-cleaning system

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Highly precise screening machine for fine and sticky sugars

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Linear vibrating screen for sugar screening in the medium to coarse-grain range

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Product examples

  • Refined sugar (crystal sugar)
  • Glucose/ dextrose
  • Maltose
  • Fructose
  • Lactose
  • Sweeteners/ sugar substitutes (e.g. sorbitol)

Your benefits

  • Precise screening even of sticky sugar due to high acceleration directly at the screen mesh
  • Screen cloths remain free thanks to automatic cleaning
  • Perfect separations into various fractions on one machine
  • The steel construction and the building are protected
  • In compliance with ATEX and FDA guidelines