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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Historical view on RHEWUM

1927 Foundation of RHEWUM GmbH, Rheinische Werkzeug und Maschinenfabrik in Remscheid, emanated from the Alexander Gassinger & Co. AG.
1930   RHEWUM moves to its today’s address, Rosentalstrasse in Remscheid. Extension of the product portfolio of tools and devices, pressing, punching and cupping tools.
1936   RHEWUM became a supplier of aircraft industry because of its experience in aluminium handling.
1947 After the Second World War RHEWUM started manufacturing storm lanterns and cooking pots with its existing machinery devices. Rhewum storm lanterns are highly requested collectibles today. More information - see here.
1950 Production start up of the first magnetic screening machine.
1967   Dispatch of the 1000. RHEWUM screening machine.
1969 Due to RHEWUM Patents in screening technology a cooperation between RHEWUM and Sintokogio Ltd., Nagoya, Japan, has already been established in the year 1969 with an agreement for manufacturing all RHEWUM screens beeing developped until then.
1970 First patents for WAU screening machines – today an often imitated standard in screening technology.
1971 Lizense for;National Engineering, USA to manufacture the RHEWUM National Magnetic Screening Machine.
1975   Dispatch of the 2000. RHEWUM machine.
1982 Construction of a new administration building by Prof. Radtke, Wuppertal.
1985   Dispatch of the 3000. RHEWUM machine.
1994   Dispatch of the 4000. RHEWUM machine.
2000   Assignation of a patent for a multiple torque drive for a directly excitated vibration screen.
2003   Start up of the cooperation with Dataschalt GmbH in the field of optical sorting and of the enhancement of the existing software.
2004   Dispatch of the 5000. RHEWUM machine.
2005 Start up of sales of the RHEWUM SizeChecker, an optical online measurement device to scale shape and size of particles which can be implemented directly into materials handling processes.
2008 Successful commissioning of the first Datasort processing rock salt in deep mining.
2008 Assignation of a patent for a RHEWUM screening machine with integrated cross-flow sifter.
2012 Sales start of the progressive generation of efficient RHEWUM Sifter - Type ABX.
2013 New RHEWUM FlowChecker: Using the newly developed flow sensor it is possible in harsh production environments, to measure the capacity on conveyor belts visually, contactless and dirt resistant.
2014 In autumn 2014 RHEWUM brings the innovative technical ScreenCheck app initially for all Apple devices to market. The app consisting of three functions is a tremendous asset for those who handle screening and bulk materials.
2016 New name for the technical app: „RHEWUM ScreenSpector” and extended possibility to apply own templates for the SizeChecker feature.
2017 The RHEWUM Spiral Conveyor SC was added to the portfolio of the RHEWUM GmbH. Beneath the transport of the material, the product can be heated, dried or cooled simultaneously.