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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Grain cleaners and co. - Classification of food

Grain Cleaner | clean screening of grains

Clean classification of grains and other food

RHEWUM is your specialist for grain cleaners. But we also screen sugar, jam sugar, sorbite, dextrose, maltose and connatural substances. Besides that we classified flour, cocoa, coffee, tea, baking soda, milk powder, granules of protein, sorbic acid, flavours, tobacco and nicotinic acid to mono fractions.

Flour is made by milling of grain, e.g. wheat, spelt, rye, oat, barley, millet, corn and rice. State of the art is the effective screening of grain between the grinding rolls of a roller mill. Further comminution machines used are cone mills, disintegrating mills, hammer mills or, in former times, millstones. In modern roller mills after milling a screening resp. sifting in a plan sifter takes part to separate the various particle sizes. This combination of roller mill and sifter is called “Passage”. In wheat milling between plan sifters and roller mills purifiers can be used additionally. By reducing the distance between the grinding rolls the flour is milled finer step by step. So called endosperm particles with a particle size smaller than 150 µm are removed directly as flour and particles above 150 µm are led to the next “Passage”.

The milling and screening of spices is one of the most challenging jobs in food processing. This results from the strongly varying structure and grindability of spices and the fact that spices have different characteristics depending on cultivation and time of harvest.

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Extremely sharp classification even of sticky materials finer than 100 μm with maximum screening performance

The powder sieve type WAF is a combination of a direct excitated screen type WA and a linear motion vibrating conveyor.

Unrivaled sharp separation of finest grains (>20 µm) on horizontal screen decks