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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Sorting grinding media with sorting machines by RHEWUM

Sorting Grinding Media | efficient sorting machines

Let us advise you on sorting grinding media

Grinding media is used for the transformation of kinetic energy into size reduction energy. Significant for the grinding efficiency is the material, the shape and the weight of the grinding media. Mostly grinding media is used in ball mills.

Sorting ceramic grinding media

Ceramic grinding media is used in those cases where an iron free process is required.

Sorting metallic grinding media

Metallic grinding media is mostly used in cases where traces of metal do not decrease the milling product quality.

Recommended products

Unrivaled sharp separation of finest grains (>20 µm) on horizontal screen decks

The powder sieve type WAF is a combination of a direct excitated screen type WA and a linear motion vibrating conveyor.

Screening conveyors are horizontally installed linear vibrating screen and constructed to separate and simultaneously transport products.