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Screening machines and equipment:
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Screeners for minerals | Dry & wet processing

► Screeners for Minerals

RHEWUM screeners for processing minerals

Minerals are on the top of the list of mineral raw materials consumption. Typical minerals are gravel, sand, industrial sand, natural stone for road and railway construction, lime rock and lime marl, dolomite, gypsum and anhydrite, pumice stone, slag of lava, quartz and pure quartzite, clay and mudstone, kaoline, feldspar and feldspar containing rock. In the last years the recycling of construction waste also became an emerging sector of the minerals industry.

Production mostly takes place near the deposit. In the quarry the raw material is mined by rock blasting. Afterwards the processing steps crushing resp. milling and screening are carried out. The steps of screening and crushing can be done multiple until the grain size required for the following final production process is attained. The screening process can be done as wet screening or dry screening.

Processing minerals with the right screener

Choosing the graduation of processing steps and the associated screen cuts the required energy consumption should be as low as possible. In the main cases costs for transportation and energy are the main factors in total cost finding. Further upgrading of the product e.g. can be achieved by an optical sorting process with the DataSort. The originally inhomogeneous material thereby can be processed to a sales product with constant material characteristics.

Recommended products

Maximum capacity with highest purity even for difficult to screen materials

The linear motion screening machine type UG uses linear oscillatory motions generated by an imbalance drive.

Screening conveyors are horizontally installed linear vibrating screen and constructed to separate and simultaneously transport products.