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Screening machines and equipment:
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Screening NPK fertilizer without clogging of the screen cloth

Screen NPK Fertilizers » without clogged screeners

The right processing of NPK fertilizer and multi-component fertilizer

NPK fertilizers or composite fertilizers belong to what are defined as the mineral fertilizers consisting of the elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). This multi-component fertilizer is mainly produced in the manufacturing method of the drum granulation or compacting. Here the named insured components are granulated with the addition of water and other additives in the first case and compacted in the second case which means that they are cramped under high-pressure. After it the resulting granules are classified according to the screening result and crushed or compacted resp. granulated again.

For industrially produced fertilizers the product has the form of granules. The particle size distribution of the multi-component fertilizers is of elementary importance: only a balanced grain distribution without dust allows modern fertilizer spreaders to reach an optimal throw which can be up to 25 m. For the user this means less effort during application of NPK composite fertilizer.

The mixture of the multi-component fertilizer ensures a uniform turnout of nutrients needed by the plants. According to these advantages, NPK fertilizers are the first choice of fertilizer in the agriculture. Depending on the application traditional NPK is mixed in the ratio of 18-8-8, for example. However the composition varies adopting to the nutritional requirement of the plant or plant species. Nitrogen is of particular importance for the rapid growth of the plant – if there is a shortage the plant grows just slightly. Phosphorus is responsible for the flowering and fruiting, potassium for the resistance of the plant.

The moisture which is necessarily introduced into the production is a fundamental problem in the further processing. The screening machines have to process sticky or hard-to-screen materials without clogging the screen mesh. Over the decades RHEWUM has developed special solutions for a lot of clients which have proved their value successful in practice.

Our reliable screening machines of the type RHEWUM DF, RHEWUM WA and RHEWUM WAF can easily screen your NPK fertilizer without clogging the screen mesh. We offer you screening machines which achieve the highest accelerations on the mesh. Only these high frequency acceleration indemnifies the screen mesh. Your advantage: a smooth production process without repetitive cleaning work and therefore without loss of production. You don’t believe it? Please contact us, we are happy to explain your benefits in detail.

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