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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Screening machines for phosphates and phosphate based fertilizers

Screening Machine for Phosphate | Agglomerate-free!

An optimum solution for screening phosphate based fertilizers, diammonium phosphate, triple super phosphate and more

Phosphates are mostly generated as raw phosphate from disposal of marine animals which is a raw material from nature. In this context most people new Guano as phosphate source. Phosphate can also be generated as by-product in iron production.

Raw phosphates are hardly soluble and are solubilised with sulphuric acid or phosphoric acid to calcium hydrogen phosphate resp. calcium phosphate when using sulphuric acid. Raw phosphate solubilised with sulphuric acid is named super phosphate (SP). Triple super phosphate (TSP) or double super phosphate (DSP) is generated from raw posphate and phosphoric acid and has a higher content of phosphor. Nitrogen containing phosphate based fertilizer e.g. diammonium phosphate (DAP) or monoammonium phosphate (MAP) are generated from ammonia and phosphoric acid.

Screening phosphates with RHEWUM machines

The fertilizer is granulated – mostly in drum granulators – and screened to the required particle sizes. After this separation the ready for sale product is dedusted and unwanted agglomerates are removed.

Recommended products

Maximum capacity with highest purity even for difficult to screen materials

Vibratory sieves of type WAU are used in the medium separation range.