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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Sieving potassium fertilizer without agglomerates

Sieving Potassium Fertilizer | free of agglomerations!

Preparation and sieving of potassium fertilizer

Potassium fertilizeris are obtained from potassium salt by different preparation steps. After mining the raw potassium salt is crushed and screened. Then the potassium content is upgraded and the potassium slurry is dewatered, compacted and screened. After screening oversize particles are crushed, screened and returned to compaction.

A sufficient potassium supply helps plant to safe water, they endure dry periods better. Marketable products are “Korn Kali”, “Magnesia Kainit”, “Patentkali” and potassium sulphate which are different in composition but mostly have the same grain size.

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Recommended products

Maximum capacity with highest purity even for difficult to screen materials

Double frequency screening machines DFM are high performance grain separators for the medium and coarse separation range.The drive principle of the DF type machines is based on the use of two out-of-balance motors running with different speeds.

Vibratory sieves of type WAU are used in the medium separation range.