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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Sieving mortar professionally

Sieving Mortar ➤ Machines for processing mortar

Optimized processes in the readymix mortar production

Main component of mortar is sand respectively fine-grained gravel with a particle size up to 4 mm, depending on application. Furthermore binder and water are added to ensure stability after drying.

Mineral mortar contains binder like lime or lime hydrate, cement or portland cement, gypsum, clay or combinations of these materials. Mineral mortars are specially characterised by their regulating effect on ambient air humidity. After applying on brickwork the mortar builds up capillary structures during the drying process which are able to absorb humidity and desorb it short term.

Readymix mortar is available for various applications. Exterior mortar is differentiated into mortar which is applied on areas above the base of the building, on basement walls in the area of earth fill and on walls above the earth fill. Before use readymix mortars only have to be mixed with water. Readymix mortar protects facades and walls, adheres reliably, is mechanical resistant, forms no shrinkage cracks and is weatherproof and non-ageing as well as UV resistant.

Usually mortar is available in particle sizes of 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm and various colours, standard colour is white. Mortar is produced in a readymix mortar plant which consists of the following parts: screening machines, crusher and mills, weighing and dosing equipment, mixers, fluidised bed dryers with filter system, screw conveyors and conveyor belts, bucket elevators, shutes and silos. Furthermore the packing and loading unit are part of such a plant. In most cases besides the readymix mortar also tile adhesive and dry mortar are produced.

After drying and crushing of the mineral raw materials they are screened to the required particle size and mixed with various additives. The final product is packed in bags, filled in mobile silos or loaded as bulk material.

Recommended products

Extremely sharp classification even of sticky materials finer than 100 μm with maximum screening performance

Vibratory sieves of type WAU are used in the medium separation range.

Double frequency screening machines DFM are high performance grain separators for the medium and coarse separation range.The drive principle of the DF type machines is based on the use of two out-of-balance motors running with different speeds.