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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Highly selective screening of metal powders

Screen Metal Powder More Efficiently

For the separation by particle size RHEWUM offers extremely precise screening machines that enable to produce finest metal powder (e.g. aluminum, magnesium, iron etc.) with a high quality or to process it for reutilization and separate agglomerates or dust.

RHEWUM MDS: Compact screening machine for metal powders

In order to achieve the desired quality of the metal powder, all impurities, undersized particles and dust need to be removed and agglomerates have to be loosened. The RHEWUM MDS sieves powdered metals from size of 40 μm very accurately and thereby reaches purities of more than 99 percent with a simultaneous yield of up to 92 percent.

  • High-frequency unbalanced drives (up to 100 hertz) screen and transport the powdered metal linearly over the horizontally arranged screening surface.
  • Due to the high frequency and low amplitude the particles undergo a high number of micro throws which are necessary for comparing the size of the particle as often as possible with the size of the screen mesh.
  • The modular system allows to compile the rectangular sieve decks into a stack and thereby offers a large screening surface in a small place.
  • The opportunity to arrange the sieve decks parallel to each other has the advantage that the feed quantity can be multiplied or that contamination due to tear of the screen mesh can be avoided.
  • Wear-proof biconical bouncing balls keep the screen mesh reliably open and free during operation.


RHEWUM WAF: Screening metal powder without clogging

One not insubstantial challenge when sieving powdered metal is to protect the screen mesh from clogging by the extremely fine particles as the cleaning and maintenance leads to loss of the high-value metallic powder and to production downtime.

  • The RHEWUM WAF is a combination of a directly excitated sieve and a linear vibrating conveyor that achieves better results than regular vibrating screens.
  • The linear motion is generated by two unbalanced drives and is used to transport the material.
  • The additional excitation of the screen mesh as well as the freely selectable cleaning sequences avoid clogging of any screening surface.
  • The design makes it possible to adjust the screen incline of the screening machine even during operation. Loss of the valuable product and downtimes can thereby be reduced considerably.

Download these information about screening metal powder as PDF here.

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