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Screening machines and equipment:
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Sugar Processing with RHEWUM equipment

Sugar Processing | Equipment & Machines

Professional separation of sugar

Sugar sifters have a long tradition at RHEWUM. We were the first to remove the dump with the RHEWUM screen in industrial scale on so-called sifters. This was achieved by use of the electromagnetic drives of our direct excited screens. Besides crystal sugar resp. refined sugar we are also sifting milk sugar, dextrose, maltose, fructose and various sugar substitutes.

Challenge of sugar processing

Sugar can begin to stick even with a small amount of moisture quantity, which makes the sifting process much more difficult. In addition, the shape of the grains carries the risk of sticking particles, which clog the screen cloth and negatively affects the sifting result. Due to our directly excited screening machine type WA, which achieves an acceleration of the material to be screened of 15g, even sticky materials can be sifted with high separation efficiency and clogging of the screen fabric is avoided. Freely adjustable cleaning impulses of up to 50g are also used for automatic cleaning of the screen cloths, which in turn leads to efficient performance. The inclination of the screen allows the sugar to be transported over the screen mesh. External motors make maintenance possible even during operation. A further advantage of the directly excited screening machine is the static screening machine housing, which does not allow the dynamic loads to be transferred to the surrounding building and minimizes the used energy consumption.

Our linear and circular vibratory screening machine type RIUS is also appropriate for sugar processing. The linear vibratory is generated by our unbalanced motors.

On the one hand a further challenge of sugar processing is the danger of explosion because of a high dust generation and on the other hand the high requests of quaility and hygiene for the food industry. RHEWUM works strictly according to ATEX guidelines. Our screening machines are therefore also available with a pressure- and dust-tight housing and connection to a dedusting system. By observing and implementing FDA guidelines (food and drug administration), our RHEWUM screening machines are also used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. These are required for products manufactured in the USA as well as for imported products. 

Read our technical article about "Assessment of dust explosions in the sugar industry with regard to screening technology".

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