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Improved multi-deck screen MDS from RHEWUM


The multi-deck screen from RHEWUM has been specially developed to produce many selective fractions of middle-sized and ultra-fine particles.

A maximum screening surface of up to 114 m² and the classification of up to 11 fractions can be achieved by means of screening surfaces of 0.5 x 0.7 m up to 2.0 x 2.8 m and up to 23 screen decks or surfaces 2.8 x 3.0 m and 19 screen decks. The modular design system ensures a quick replacement of the screen surfaces and, consequently, a flexible changeover to the production of very different grain sizes. Furthermore, a lot of screening surface can be offered to the material being screened by means of repeated screen deck sequences, the so-called technological units. Additional relief decks ensure an optimum adaptation of the machine to the specific task. Due to its compact design the MDS is a machine with a particularly good unit weight. The material is transported on the machine according to the microthrow principle. Due to the operation of two counterrotating unbalanced motors, which generate a linear vibration, the particles are subjected to a great number of individual throws until they leave the machine. The material being screened is moved in a straight line over the horizontal parting surface. The machine is operated with a low acceleration of vibration and, consequently, with very low wear of the screen cloth and its groups of parts. Keeping the screen cloth absolutely clean is achieved by a rapping mechanism with special rappers in combination with the microthrow principle that applies to both the feed material and the rappers. The construction, which is, in any case, really easy to maintain can be additionally supported by the use of a special lifting platform for lifting the screen frame unit without the necessity for external hoisting gear. Even if the machine has already been used successfully many times with the most different feed materials and feed grain sizes, e.g. in the fertilizer industry downstream of two directly screening machines, the RHEstack® is continuously optimized further and increasingly adapted to the requirements of the customers. Within the framework of this optimization process, a new design has been developed that simplifies the handling and maintenance of the machine even more than before. This has been primarily achieved by means of modifications in the range of the screen frames themselves and the machine deck frames as well as the packings. Thus the time needed for maintenance work is again clearly shortened. This minimizes downtimes and, consequently, production losses as well as the associated financial losses. Due to economic pressure, there is an ever increasing customer requirement for screening machines that are easy to handle and that operate reliably with an optimum screening result. With this modified design, RHEWUM is once again able to meet fully the requirements of their customers.

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