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RHEWUM ScreenGuard for monitoring of vibrating machines

18.11.2008, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

Screeners and other vibrating machines are often integrated in production processes at a central point.

Regarding this positioning any machine damage leads to production losses and therewith financial which is absolutely not acceptable. The trouble-free operation of this machines is a must. At this point the RHEWUM ScreenGuard has it´s place! The RHEWUM ScreenGuard monitors the vibrating behaviour of vibrating machines continuously in order to keep it from critical operation conditions. The acceleration is measured by sensors and compared with given values. The ScreenGuard shows the acceleration g, the speed in cm/s, the amplitude in mm and the frequency in Hz on a display.  

RHEWUM ScreenGuardThe system can be used as on-site-monitoring to just show the operation status. It can also be integrated in a superordinated system and then be used to give a signal at critical operation status and/or to stop the vibrating machine. The ScreenGuard has two independent channels, for each of them a restriction of the machine status to min. and max.-values, a signal as well as the stop of the machine can be adjusted. When reaching the limitl values an alarm message appears on the display. Alerts are documented and have to be reseted after removal of the fault. A text-/graphic-display is used to adjust the critical values and for parameterization of the system. For documentation purposes of the machine parameters the detected values are written on a SD-card in a 10-seconds-cyclus.

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