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02.05.2022, Remscheid, Germany

How safely do you screen your ammonium nitrate?

In the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut there was a huge explosion in 2020 which caused over 100 deaths and countless...

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27.04.2022, Remscheid

What do screening machines have to do with insects?

It's simple: we help sift and sort them.

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Rodolfo Wolniewitz

25.04.2022, Remscheid/Florida

New Managing Director at RHEWUM America Inc.

RHEWUM welcomes Rodolfo Wolniewitz as the new Managing Director for North America at RHEWUM America. Since the beginning of...

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18.03.2022, Remscheid

There is something new under the sun!

RHEWUM's sustainability expert Dr. RHE is pleased to present the new photovoltaic system:

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The right person in charge for every requirement

11.02.2022, Spain

The right person in charge for every requirement

For a Spanish customer in the pharmaceutical industry, we were able to exceed expectations with our expert knowledge and the...

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Dr RHE invites you to discover RHEWORLD by RHEWUM

02.02.2022, Remscheid

Sustainability: More than solar panels

Everyone is talking about sustainability, at RHEWUM sustainability has been part of the company mission since foundation. But...

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RHEWUM employees present a symbolic cheque to the Möhrchen charity for hot meals at school

05.01.2022, Remscheid

RHEWUM supports children living in poverty

Remscheid charity „Möhrchen e.V.“ for hot meals at school receives donation for Christmas

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Service for spare parts - round the clock

In the event of a defect in a machine, action must be taken quickly. There is accordingly no risk of consequential damage or...

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RHEWUM presents lottery gifts, Our congratulations to all winners!

13.12.2021, Remscheid

RHEWUM customers win

Thank you to our customers for participating in our survey

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Our RHEsono leaves the premises in Remscheid

30.11.2021, Remscheid

210 tons of sugar per hour

RHEWUM delivers high-throughput RHEsono® to Russian factory

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