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18.09.2020, Remscheid, Germany

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

True to the motto "Get away from the conventional and into renewable energies" RHEWUM GmbH will change to natural power in the future.

The accumulation of temperature records in the past years is highly unusual. The sea level rises continuously. The ice is retreating more and more. It cannot be denied any longer that the climate change is happening. This makes it all the more important to act now. We as a company have the responsibility to act, because sustainability is no longer a niche topic.

In the future the energy supply of RHEWUM GmbH shall become more climate friendly. For this reason we have decided to use natural power from the region which is certified by TÜV Nord and generated 100 percent from water power and is at the same time CO2 free. A further goal is to install our own solar power plant by 2022, so we can produce our own electricity in order to significantly reduce the demand for fossil fuels and avoid unnecessary "transport routes" as the electricity is produced directly at the place where it is needed.

The construction of charging stations for electric cars is also scheduled for this year. Currently two stations with a total of four sockets are planned where not only the company cars of RHEWUM GmbH can be charged but also those of our customers.

But renewable energies alone are not enough. It also requires a considerate use of resources. For this reason we replaced two old rolling doors in our production hall with new, automatic rolling doors. These close 15 seconds after passing the light barrier. This feature prevents the production hall from heating up unnecessarily in summer and losing valuable heating energy in winter due to open doors.

Every person and every company has a (co-)decision-making competence that he or she or the company can use in the interest of climate protection. We use ours. Do you?

Switch to screening machines from RHEWUM today. With our directly excited screening machines the energy is transferred directly to the screen cloth and thus to the material. This not only benefits your building but is also energy efficient as only 0.16 kW electricity is consumed per drive. Ask our screening experts about all the other advantages of our screening machines.

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