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02.05.2022, Remscheid, Germany

How safely do you screen your ammonium nitrate?

In the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut there was a huge explosion in 2020 which caused over 100 deaths and countless...

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27.04.2022, Remscheid

What do screening machines have to do with insects?

It's simple: we help sift and sort them.

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RHEWUM employees present a symbolic cheque to the Möhrchen charity for hot meals at school

05.01.2022, Remscheid

RHEWUM supports children living in poverty

Remscheid charity „Möhrchen e.V.“ for hot meals at school receives donation for Christmas

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21.09.2021, Remscheid

RHEWUM sets new record for durability

RHEduo® active screening fertilizer for 40 years

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09.03.2021, Remscheid, Germany

Virtual screening tests and production tours at RHEWUM

From now on, customers can follow the screening test of their product live or book a virtual tour of the RHEWUM GmbH production...

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07.01.2021, Remscheid, Germany

Sodium carbonate perfectly screened with vibration screening machine type WA

In the production of sodium carbonate with fluctuating feed rates and finest separations in the range of 200 µm, many...

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Remote service for screening machines

16.12.2020, Remscheid, Germany

New RHEWUM Remote Service for best customer support at any place and any time

Not identifying and correcting malfunctions on screening machines can become very expensive for you as a producer. But what to...

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14.12.2020, Remscheid, Germany

RHEWUM collects donations for local children's aid organization

This year, RHEWUM's annual employee donation will benefit the organization called “Ärztliche Kinderschutzambulanz Bergisch Land...

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03.12.2020, Remscheid

RHEWUM offers employees the possibility of bike leasing

In cooperation with the BIKELEASING-Service the RHEWUM GmbH enables its employees to lease a company bicycle with immediate...

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