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Do you want to do your own sieving tests?

05.12.2022, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

There can be many reasons for this. We know that some of our business partners would like to conduct their own sieving tests, as it may not be possible to replicate the general conditions of the tests in our technical center. Some products, such as live maggots or also various organic products, cannot be transported over long distances in order to have a sieving test carried out at RHEWUM, as their properties change over time.

That's why we have a pool of rental screening machines that you can borrow from us to carry out your own separation tests. Of course, we will also actively support you on site. Our latest rental screens in the pool are small linear vibrating screens of the type RHEflex 300x2000/1, with a screen surface width of 300 mm and a screen surface length of 2,000 mm. The machines are equipped with soft, but wear-resistant, PU linings of the type PolyPanels, which are specially manufactured for your test. They are driven by our smart GeniusDrivePlus unbalance motors, which provide vibration data during the test.

The small machines are operated with commercially available plastic boxes. If you need to sieve a larger quantity from a big bag or similar, to produce a larger quantity of demo material, we can lend you a suitable, adjustable feeder (RHEfeed).

For the sake of fairness, we would like to mention that we charge € 490,- plus screening media, final cleaning and inspection per month as a rental fee for our RHEflex. If we should be actively available to you with our know-how on site, we will charge for this according to the time and effort involved.

With this, nothing should stand in the way of your own trials.



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