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Remote service for screening machines

New RHEWUM Remote Service for best customer support at any place and any time

16.12.2020, Remscheid, Germany

Not identifying and correcting malfunctions on screening machines can become very expensive for you as a producer. But what to do if the service technician cannot be on site? The new RHEWUM Remote Service provides a solution.

For us, SERVICE means supporting you at any time with our know-how, developing solutions quickly and implementing them effectively. That's why we are now offering an exclusive RHEWUM Remote Service, which allows our service technicians to visit you virtually at your production site.

What services are available for booking?

In the "Service" menu select "Remote Service" to choose between a "Free Machine Inspection" or the "Remote Service Support".

In the case of the "Free Machine Inspection", our service technician will spend one hour with you to inspect your machine and examine the function of your screening machine. Additionally, a written report with our recommendations for service and spare parts can be booked as an option.

The "Remote Service Support", on the other hand, is a chargeable offer that can be booked for four hours or more. This option is particularly suitable for maintenance work, emergencies or commissioning.

How to make an appointment?

Once you have selected an option, click on your preferred date and fill out the online form. In order to provide you with the best service, our technicians need to know exactly which machine is being serviced.

After submitting the form, we will email you a cost acceptance form that we kindly ask you to sign, plus an overview of the tools you will need to have on hand for the appointment.

How to connect with our service technician?

On the day of your appointment, you will receive your access link via email or SMS five minutes prior to the meeting, which will allow you to connect directly with our service technician. You will not need to get an app or start a download. Just clicking the link will do as the program is web based. All you need for the virtual service meeting is a device with a camera and microphone as well as a headset. We recommend using a tablet or smartphone.

When the appointment starts, it is important that you are standing in front of the machine to be inspected, that you have all the necessary tools at hand and that all the necessary preparations have been made. Otherwise, you may be charged for the working time.

What are the advantages for you?

  • You can rely on the support of our service technicians anywhere and at any time
  • Malfunctions can be detected immediately and corrected precisely
  • Production downtimes can be avoided with fast service
  • You save cost-intensive travelling and the related extra costs for the service technician
  • No costly app or chargeable device required
  • One-hour machine inspection to identify possible malfunctions or wrong settings is even free of charge

Benefit from our RHEWUM Remote Service now!

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