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RHEWUM screener on tour again


Why only talk about it when you can also show it? This is the motto of our roadshows, where we install our mini screening machine WA(U) in a trailer and drive it directly to the customer.

The next tour, starting 23 September 2019, will head to Spain - more precisely to Zaragoza, Torrelavega, Castellón and Seville. During this joint tour with our new representative Lödige España along the Spanish north and east coast, producers of salts, food, color pigments, chemical products and various minerals will be visited. On site, the manufacturers have the opportunity to test their own product on our screening machine and convince themselves of the results. Therefore we bring eight different screen cloths with mesh sizes from 0.1 to 2.5 mm with us. The inclination of the mobile screening machine with direct excitation of the screen mesh can also be individually regulated and adapted to the respective product.

The RHEsono®(U) is a smart combination of a WA and WAU screening machine. In both machines, the material to be screened is thrown at right angles from the screen cloth by a high-frequency rocker shaft movement. These high accelerations allow even the finest materials down to less than 100 µm to be precisely classified. The difference between the two designs lies in the type of drive employed to the vibrating axis to transmit the vibration into the screen mesh: in the case of the WA, excitation is effected by powerful electromagnets, whereas in the case of the WAU, excitation is effected by maintenance-free unbalance motors. One advantage that both have in common is the freely adjustable automatic cleaning impulses that reduce clogging of the screen meshes and thereby prevent costly production downtimes.

Do you want to test our WA(U) in small format on your own premises? Then simply ask when we will tour through your region.

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