RHEWUM sets new record for durability

21.09.2021, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

RHEWUM DF active screening fertilizer for 40 years

It was in 1977, that our Japanese license partner Sintokogio first installed a RHEWUM DF, known today as RHEduo, in a Russian fertilizer plant. The RHEduo is a double frequency screening machine: Two unbalance motors, respectively fixed at the inlet and the outlet, operate at different frequencies, which leads to the RHEduo's unique motion pattern. Double frequency screening machines use a large amplitude at the inlet to loosen up and quickly transport material, at the outlet a high frequency achieves precise separation. In its modern version, the RHEduo has many industrial applications and is used to screen potash, minerals, fertilizers and many other different types of material down to fractions of 0.5mm.

The 1977 machine, an old RHEWUM DF, was used to separate ammonium nitrate, a chief ingredient in fertilizers and technical explosives. The chemical properties of ammonium nitrate make it one of the most demanding materials to screen: Ammonium nitrate not only tends to attract moisture, agglomerate and clog the screening mesh, if not handled correctly, it is also highly explosive.

The double frequency motion of the RHEduo actively works against adhesive forces while achieving precise separation of the desired fractions. The RHEduo is also resistant to heat generated by the screening material, up to 450°C, and conforms to the ATEX and FDA standards.

The indestructible properties of this reliable machine type have earned the RHEduo a reputation for being exceptionally robust and durable even among the high-quality RHEWUM screening machines. It is not uncommon for customers to ask for, and receive, spare parts for RHEWUM machines that have been in operation for decades. But a request to exchange a machine that had been in operation for over 40 years still was unusual!

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