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What do screening machines have to do with insects?

27.04.2022, Remscheid


It's simple: we help sift and sort them.

Insects as food (both for humans and animals) is a success story to be continued. The EU found mealworms to be „novel food“ that required approval to be distributed as a safe food source. The yellow mealworm has been approved in 2021. For the bufallo worm a transitional arrangement continues to apply.

But why is authorisation necessary to allow what people around the world have been doing for centuries?

Microbial safety plays a major role in this. Since insects are distributed and served "in one piece", they still contain their gut. What the microbes in it cause in humans is not entirely clear. It is therefore important that insects that are consumed are grown and processed under controlled hygienic conditions.

RHEWUM can deliver the technology for gentle sieving of live larvae on an industrial scale.

In cooperation with scientific experts for the needs of living larvae, RHEWUM has developed a process that solves these challenges efficiently and in a species-appropriate manner. The new screening machines, specially developed for use on mealworm farms, have a directly excited screen mesh or special screen linings, depending on the classification level.

You will soon be able to read a detailed technical paper in the SCHÜTTGUT trade magazine


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