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Keeping Cool: How RHEWUM handles high temperatures

Keeping Cool: How RHEWUM handles high temperatures

27.01.2023, Remscheid

Flue ash is a product that is often produced under extremely high temperatures. A customer approached RHEWUM with the requirement to separate flue ash using a screening machine in such a way that no particles larger than 10 mm enter the further processing. The particles were to be fed to the screening machine via a pipeline at temperatures of 250 °C in the normal case. In individual cases the temperature could rise up to 400 °C.

Temperature insensitive machine type RHEduox

Due to the relatively large particles, RHEWUM decided to use a machine type RHEduox. This machine is insensitive to high temperatures up to 450 °C. In addition, it ensures loosening of the material on the inlet side with a large oscillation amplitude. At the same time, on the outlet side, the material is sharply classified with a small oscillation amplitude and high frequency. The drives are freely accessible on this machine. By changing the direction of rotation, the transport speed of the flue ash could be specifically influenced.

Sharp separations at up to 400 °C

The advantages of the machine in combination with its compact design ultimately led the customer to choose the solution offered by RHEWUM. This made it possible to sharply separate flue ash at high temperatures.


More product details you can find here: RHEduox

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