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Our RHEsono leaves the premises in Remscheid

210 tons of sugar per hour

30.11.2021, Remscheid

Sigurd Schütz, RHEWUM GmbH

RHEWUM delivers high-throughput RHEsono® to Russian factory

Sugar is one of the most difficult screening materials: Sugar sticks together, dissolves in water, and is abrasive. To separate this challenging raw material with maximum precision, vibration screening machines with direct excitation of the screening mesh are a good choice.

The RHEsono® uses magnetic vibration heads to deliver an impulse, which is precisely adjusted to the properties of sugar, directly to the screening mesh. The screening mesh vibrates, and loosens the sugar at a high frequency. Agglomeration is decreased. To prevent any clogging which might occur nevertheless, the RHEsono® and its siblings from the same machine family additionally use an automatic cleaning impulse, which at regular intervals removes sugar residue from the mesh. This does not interfer with the screening process in any way, nor does is the quality of the sugar grade affected.

This unique technology allows the RHEsono® to reach impressive throughputs while maintaining the highest precision: 45 truckloads of sugar every hour wait for our RHEsono® at its destination. In a Russian factory, the screening machine will separate sugar into several different grades of size directly before the product is packaged.

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