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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

RHEWUM screening technology for your industry

Would you like to quickly and easily find the right machine for your screening task? Then use our machine finder. It immediately shows you the suitable products for your specific needs.

RHEWUM in Remscheid offers a wide range of screening technology: From screening machines and high efficiency air classifiers to optical systems, conveying technologies and practical equipment. By continuous research and development, we constantly improve the quality of our screening technology solutions.

Individual concepts for customized screening technology

Due to our longstanding experience in the field of screening technology we are able to serve your individual requirements. From the planning phase through to construction and production of your machine, we flexibly adjust to your particular needs and provide individual advice in order to fulfill your demands.

Have a look at our wide range of screening technology solutions and find the perfect equipment for your screening plant. Do not hesitate to contact us for help and advice!

► Vibration Screens - precise separation of solids

Screen your bulk solids: efficiently and sustainably. These sieve types are vibration screens which employ direct excitation of the screen mesh; This means the screen housing only takes on a static function. This preserves the building and/or the steel structure as no dynamic loads are transmitted to the frame, unlike the forces created by conventional vibration screens. Additionally, rigid connections for feed and exit chutes are possible. As a result of this these vibration screens offer additional protection against dust emissions.

Sifting Machine | high performance machines

Linear vibrating screens are inexpensive (economic) sifting machines, where the whole screening unit is excited to a linear vibration. They are manufactured according to the application as single or multi-deck sifting machines, being able to use a wide variety of screen cloths such as wire meshes, perforated plates, press welded meshes, plastic coverings etc. Circular motion screens are also economic sifting machines, where the whole screening unit is excited to circular oscillations. The oscillations of this sifting machine are generated via an imbalance shaft which runs in spherical roller bearings, this has in addition, outside right and left located swing weights, adjustable at standstill. With these weights, the oscillation amplitude can be adjusted to the product requirements. Do you have questions on sifting equipment? Please contact us for more information and advice.

Optical Sorting System | highly selective separation

Tailor-made optical sorting systems for specific operational requirements The mono-fractioned separation of raw materials by rejects and product means of optical sorting processes are an essential production step in reducing production cost as well as assuring the quality of the final product. Our experienced engineers and qualified experts will be happy to consult you on how optical sorting systems can solve your issues. Please send us an inquiry and we will find the ideal system that meets your exact requirements.

High Efficiency Separator | Made in Germany

Separators: selective and resistant Our diverse range of precise separators can be used for multiple applications due to their modular design. RHEWUM high efficiency separators are the result of years of experience and development. Are you interested in further information on our high efficiency separators? Then feel free to contact us !

High Performance Screener

Screening with RHEWUM high performance machines The drive principle of the DF type screener is based on the use of two out-of-balance motors running at different speeds. The motor with the lower speed and higher out of balance weight is positioned at the inlet, whereas the motor with the higher speed and lower out of balance weight is positioned at the outlet. With these RHEWUM high perfomance screeners, you can achieve maximum output with excellent quality. Contact us for further information and advice on our high performance screeners. We look forward to your call or your inquiry!

Wet Screening » precise wet screeners

Wet screening technology at the highest level For many processing tasks the use of wet screening is required. The product in suspension is fed by a suitable feeding system (syphon, overflow pipe or similar) onto the screen width. The liquid used depends on the product and as it passes along the mesh it takes the fine particles to the outlet. This process is supported by the double-frequency direct excitation of the screen mesh which simultaneously ensures smooth transport of the coarse material. The flow movement of the liquid assists in deagglomerating the material. In many cases this can be boosted by an additional watering device. The following sites present our reliable wet screening machines. Use our contact form and and inform yourself about our wet screening solutions.

Conveyor Channel | powerful conveyors and feeders

Powerful conveyor channels and vibrating distributors On the following pages RHEWUM provides you an overview of the range of conveyor channels and vibrating feeders . Do you have questions on conveyor channels? Please contact us for more information and advice.

► Screening equipment for perfect results

Here you can get an initial impression about how our professional equipment can support you in terms of processing your bulk materials. Allow yourself to be convinced by RHEWUM.