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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

High efficiency separators for a precise classification

Separators: selective and resistant

Our enormously divisive sharp separators can be used due to their modular construction for most requirements. RHEWUM high efficiency separators are the result of years of experience and development.

Are you interested in further information on our high efficiency separators? Then feel free to contact us!

At a product output of up to 30 t/h the air classifier provides a high flexibility regarding feed material, e.g. cement, fly ash, raw mix, gypsum, quartz, coal, cellulose, pigments and colorants, silica, sodium bicarbonate, varnish, zirconium oxide, potato starch, flour, calcium carbonate, graphite, bentonite, china clay, talcum, refractories, rare earths, wax, PVC, toner and many more.

Cross-Flow Classifier QS for dedusting fine-grained materials

With the ABX industrial sifter we were able to improve again the already very sharp dividing classifier type AWR!