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Screening machines and equipment:
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Industrial Sifter | RHEWUM ABX

Our selective ABX sifter

The ABX industrial sifter enables us to improve the already very precise AWR sifter. A CFD simulation of the expected particle flow makes it possible to design a very high dust loading up to 700 g/Nm3 and to achieve a pressure drop of only 9-12 mbar at a precise separating classification.

Simplified Material Transport

As a top loader and depending on the frame size, one or two feeding points are required to disperse the feed safely. The divided material then falls directly into the separation chamber which is located between the air guide vanes and the classifying rotor. This ensures that the housing is not subject to blast wear. The rapidly rotating sifter wheel with wear-resistant steel strips is extremely durable.

Unbalancing of the rotor is avoided by complex CNC milling. For our customers, these features mean lower operating costs (air consumption) when compared with conventional sifters. The RHEWUM ABX industrial sifter combines the functional principles of a Sturtevant sifter and an Onda sifter to a create a completely new type of air classifier

Type series:

Type series ABX 5 ABX 8 ABX 11 ABX 15 ABX 18
Body aperture  500 mm 800 mm 1.100 mm 1.500 mm 1.800 mm
Capacity [reference value] 2 t/h 5 t/h 10 t/h 18 t/h 35 t/h
Sifter Nm³/h [reference value] 800 - 2.850  2.750 - 7.200  7.000 - 14.000  14.000 - 25.000  25.000 - 50.000

Quartz Processing

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the aerth's crust. The deposits deliver either solid rock or eroded sand. Grain sizes < 0.5 mm are used in the glass production, road construction, moulding sand in foundries, adhesives in the ceramic industry and feedstock for sandblasting systems. To produce iron free products, contact parts are made of aluminium oxide (alumina) or they are coated.

Feldspar Processing

Feldspars are the most common minerals in the earth's crust. Feldspar is required for the production of glass as it contains the necessary alkali and aluminum. It is also used in the production of glazes, enamels, abrasives and welding electrodes. Potassium feldspar is the raw material for the porcelain industry. Hard-paste porcelain is characterized by a high dielectric strength. Accordingly, it is used for electrical insulators like spark plugs. For tiles, clinker and glazes a grain size distribution of 97 % < 45 microns is sufficient. For insulators and technical ceramics, grain sizes of 90 % < 125 microns are required. These materials must be completely free from iron. The appropriate linings in the sifter housing and rotor have to be pre-determined.

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