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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Sifting machines | Linear and circular motion sifters

Linear vibrating screens are inexpensive (economic) sifting machines, where the whole screening unit is excited to a linear vibration. They are manufactured according to the application as single or multi-deck sifting machines, being able to use a wide variety of screen cloths such as wire meshes, perforated plates, press welded meshes, plastic coverings etc.

Circular motion screens are also economic sifting machines, where the whole screening unit is excited to circular oscillations. The oscillations of this sifting machine are generated via an imbalance shaft which runs in spherical roller bearings, this has in addition, outside right and left located swing weights, adjustable at standstill. With these weights, the oscillation amplitude can be adjusted to the product requirements.

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This vibratory sizer is predominantly used for easy classifying tasks. The driving principle is based on two counterrotating out-of-balance motors which create a linear vibration. The material moves straight across the inclined separation plane.

Screening conveyors are horizontally installed linear vibrating screen and constructed to separate and simultaneously transport products.

UW circular motion screening machines are an economic solution.

Unrivaled sharp separation of finest grains (>20 µm) on horizontal screen decks

The linear motion screening machine type UG uses linear oscillatory motions generated by an imbalance drive.