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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Optical sorting systems

Tailor-made optical sorting systems for specific operational requirements

The mono-fractioned separation of raw materials by rejects and product means of optical sorting processes are an essential production step in reducing production cost as well as assuring the quality of the final product.

Our experienced engineers and qualified experts will be happy to consult you on how optical sorting systems can solve your issues. Please send us an inquiry and we will find the ideal system that meets your exact requirements.

The mono-fractioned sorting of raw materials in rejects and pure product by means of optical sorting technology is an essential production step in reducing of production cost as well as for quality assurance of the final product.

Using the newly developed volumetric flow sensor it is now possible - even in harsh production environment (IP65) - to measure the capacity on conveyor belts visually, this means contactless and dirt resistant, electronically and to process this data.

The SizeChecker is a compact analysing device allowing simultaneous measurement of particle sizes and particle shapes.