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Screening machines and equipment:
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Optical sorting machine | RHEWUM DataSort S

The mono-fractioned sorting of raw materials in rejects and pure product by means of optical sorting technology is an essential production step in reducing of production cost as well as for quality assurance of the final product.

Thereby optoelectronic sorting technology is the key to success! It comes to operation where mechanical approaches reach their limits. Tasks which were not solvable due to economic or technological aspects can today be solved with means of optoelectronic sorting technology. 

Optical sorting machine type DataSort is especially suitable for:

• pre-concentation of ores

• elimination of contaminations

• increase of milling and metallurgical capacities 

Our DataSort machine is environment-friendly as it

• sorts and grades up the product

• reduces waste and stuck piles

• leads to high product concentration in an early processing step

• increases the lifetime of mines and allows the mining of poor areas

• safes ressources and energy

Therefore the new generation of the DataSort has a trend-setting sorting electronic. Various sorting criteria can be linked in one sorting program. Parameters are brightness, size of texture, proportion of texture, form and size of the particle. 

Materials suitable for sorting by brightness and reflection are:

marble, wolfram, coal, quartz and pyrite, lead-tin-ores, talc, magnesia, limestone, gypsum, plastic granules and besides this gemstones such as ruby, emerald, diamond and sapphire. 

Material suitable for sorting by permanent colour are:

feldspar, gold (>0.4 g/t), plastic granules, plastic flakes

(PET, PE, PP, PVC), recycled glass etc.

The capacity of the RHEWUM DataSort depends on the feed particle size, the bulk density of the feed material and the sorting width of the machine. Standard machines are operating at feed particle sizes between 3,0 and 200 mm at a bulk density of 0.1 – 3.0 t/m³ and a sorting width of 1.200 mm. High rejection rates and a high product output at the same time are achieved trouble free. If you need higher capacities we will design a tailor made solution meeting your special requirements. 

The exact control of high-speed valves allows the efficient reject of the determined particles by compressed air blasts after the particle is determined as reject particle and its size, outline and centre of gravity are calculated by the computer system. All parts of the machine are easily accessible and positioned maintenance friendly

The determination area is automatically cleaned by a robust cleaning system. So the sorting process keeps exact and reliable on a high level even under hard conditions. Furthermore this is guaranteed by the new LED light strips which enable to operate at a sorting width up to 4.000 mm and therefore at much higher capacities. Depending on the sorting task the LED light strips are available in different colours and they have a much higher brightness then conventional fluorescent lamps. 

Advantages of the DataSort S optical sorting machine:

• economical sorting of finest bulk materials by colour and brightness

• lowest colour differences, e.g. blue - light blue – green, are determined reliably and can be used as sorting parameter

• continuous operation at capacities of up 2.500 particles per second

• recovery of product is increased by exact determination, accurate sorting and resorting

• sorting at a very low compressed air consumption due to the exact determination and the dynamic valve control

• low maintenance operation due to automatic cleaning system 

Normallly mineral raw materials coming from natural deposits to not content pure products. Therefore the raw material is mined as selectively as possible to gain as much pure product as possible for further processing. In operating this way the early sorting out of waste material becomes very important. Each ton of waste material sorted out at an early stage of material processing saves transportation and storage costs. 

Using our optical sorting machine customers profit from the following additional effects:

the milling capacity after mining can be reduced significantly with constant production rate at the same time

• the lifetime of the mine increases

• raw material is pre-concentrated effectively

• the value of the deposit increases

• energy is saved

• use of chemicals is reduced

• production costs are decreasing

For most sorting processes various pre-processing steps are helpful to gain an exact and reproducible processing result. One of these helpful steps is screening. At a relationship of maximum 1:3 of finest and coarsest particle compressed air level and consumption can be adjusted optimal. By a good pre-screening process the sorting efficiency, product quality and feed rate of the sorting machine are effected positively and energy is saved. 

Another important pre-processing step is washing resp. moistening of the feed material. This brings out surface characteristics or the transmission behaviour of particles. Cleaning of the particle surface provides constant information regarding the colour, increases the lucency and intensifies light colourings or pastel shades resp. shades of grey. Constrictively it has to be said that washing is only recommendable for particles > 10 mm. Smaller particles tend to stick together which leads to missing temporal and sterical allocation in the sorting process. For fine or dried material special water nozzles are available which only moisture clean surfaces which leads to an increase of optical differences

Sorting with the technology of DataSort means:

high purity - up to 98%

high yield - up to 100%

high precision in rejection by compressed air blasts, low energy consumption

high sorting capacity

We plan, manufacture and supply sorting technology with newest know-how!