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Volumetric Flow Sensor | RHEWUM FlowChecker

Conveyor technology including the new volumetric flow sensor

Using the newly developed volumetric flow sensor it is now possible - even in harsh production environment (IP65) - to measure the capacity on conveyor belts visually, this means contactless and dirt resistant, electronically and to process this data.

The typical application of the FlowChecker is the measurement of various bulk materials on conveyor belts of different widths. With the help of several of these devices in one system all operating conditions can be detected, registered and optimized online.

The our volumetric flow sensor combines low investment costs compared to other measuring systems such as belt scales or laser scanners with much simpler operation and thus quick readiness for use. Special attention was paid to the ease of operation and calibration of the system, so it can be independently carried out by the customer, without support of RHEWUM. This allows a cost-efficient use of a plurality of sensors.

As a measurement tolerance of the FlowChecker, a value of +/- 4 % was determined in long-term measurements. Disturbing for this high accuracy are direct sunlight and extremely wide belts.

The measuring system FlowChecker consists of a highly developed 3D TOF sensor, an industrial PC and analyzing software, which calculates the mass flow or volume flow of the determined data. Additionally, the output (volume or quantity) can be calculated and displayed. The result will be logged electronically.

For embedding in existing systems, the FlowChecker is equipped with a network connection (TCP-IP) and an interface to OPC servers and can also be operated remote-controlled.

We look forward to advising and assisting you in determining the measuring points as well as the installation of our volumetric flow sensor, if required. 

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