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Screening machines and equipment:
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Grain size measurement | RHEWUM SizeChecker

Particle analysis and grain size measurement with the RHEWUM SizeChecker

The SizeChecker is a compact grain size measurement device allowing simultaneous measurement of particle sizes and particle shapes. By means of digital image processing pourable grains of 0.2 - 20 mm can be optically measured.

Since all particles of the product sample are completely scanned, the RHEWUM SizeChecker offers a cost effective alternative to the common analysis screening. The SizeChecker can be used in the production as well as in a laboratory. The found results are automatically logged and filed.

Function principle of grain size measurement:

The sample attains via a hopper and a distribution unit along the light source to the material outlet. During this time the contact-free measuring is carried out. The required quickly by the camera produced digital pictures are free from distortion and were electronically processed.

Applications of grain size measurement:

E.g. sugar, rock salt, sand, metallurgics, detergents, plastics, pharmaceuticals, building materials, glass/ceramics, feed, fertilizers, abrasives, coal, refractories etc.

The SizeChecker can be used for production super-vision, quality control of raw materials and for research and development. It can be integrated into a process to optimise basic conditions or in a laboratory close to the production location. In fact, it can be used anywhere where frequent screen analysis is required.

Let our SizeChecker specialists show you the unlimited possibilities in the area of screen analysis and grain size measurement.