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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Unbalance motors | RHEWUM Motor HF & LL

Patent pending and specially designed Rhewum drives and bearings “keep a cool head”. In comparison to other drives, RHEWUM long-life motors have a reduced temperature of up to 10 degrees Celsius in contrast to the environment. What is the benefit? A lower temperature of the bearing automatically increases its service life which has also a positive effect on the life cycle of the entire drive. Due to having the standard RHEWUM dimensions, the RHEWUM long-life drives are completely interchangeable with the older units they replace.

Scientific research has proven that a screening frequency adjusted to the screen cut, can significantly increase the screening efficiency. When separating extremely fine particles, high screening frequencies are beneficial. With our new series HF we are now able to boost the screening frequency to 100 Hz. This high screening frequency with simultaneously adapted amplitude allows us to reach higher screening capacities when sieving particles that are finer than 200 µm. These drives are also compatible to our standard motors.