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Vibrating conveyor | RHEWUM RIM

Linear vibrating conveyor with electro-magnetic drive

The RIM vibrating conveyor with magnetic drive is a highly economic conveyor for various bulk materials. Its field of application is short distance or intermittent transport. Due to its simple, robust and reliable construction it is a low-cost and all-round solution for numerous transport problems. The maintenance free drive offers great reliability.

This vibrating conveyor can be used as conveyor as well as bin extractor. Its drive comes from an electromagnet, positioned below and generating a linear vibration. This guarantees a high transportation speed with gentle material treatment. Due to the electro-magnetic drive the amplitude can be adapted to the material´s characteristics during operation in order to adjust the throughput in a simple and fast way.

The modular system is available with widths from 0,6 m to 1,6 m and countries from 2,0 m to 3,5 m.

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