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Vibrating Feeder

The RHEside vibrating feeder is designed for lateral material feeding and optimizes the performance of the downstream screening machine by distributing the material evenly over a width of up to 4.4 meters.

The design consists of a vibrating inner part, which is vibrated by two external unbalance motors, and a static housing.

On customer request, these vibrating feeders can be equipped with additional bar grates or screen cloths for pre-separation of the feed material.

Advantages of the RHEside vibrating feeder

  • Optimizes downstream screening process through consistent material feeding
  • Consistent distribution of sharp and sticky materials
  • Drives are easily accessible
  • Static housing
  • Fixed flange connections ensure safe and dust-tight operation (ATEX)
  • Low energy consumption, as only the inner part vibrates

Product data

Screen widths
Up to 4,400 mm (173.2 in.)
Type of drive
Two low-maintenance unbalance motors
Type of vibration
Linear vibration
Production quantity
Min. 5 t/h (11,023 lbs/h)
Electrical power
Between 2.2 and 9 kW

The RHEside vibrating feeder is available with …

  • bar grates or screen cloths for pre-separation of the feed material
  • bulk specific wear lining for abrasive materials
  • FDA and ATEX compliance

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