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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Stone processing machine RHEWUM UG-N

Our processing machines for the stone industry

The UG-N stone processing machines use linear vibrations generated by an out-of-balance drive. Linear motion vibrating screens are a low-cost stone processing machine with the entire screen body excitated. According to a specific application they are produced with either single or multi-deck screens. Various screen meshes can be used such as wire-cloth, perforated plates, synthetics, polyurethane screens etc.

The Linear motion is generated by out-of-balance drives which are connected by a cardan joint to an electric motor.

Due to their highly robust design these processing machines are mainly used in the stone and mineral industry.

The feed capacity of this screening machine is between 100 t/h and 1000 t/h with separations of 3 mm to 500 mm.

The modular sizes are between 1.95 and 3.0 m in screen width and 3.0 m and 7.5 m in screen length.