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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Dewatering sieve | RHEWUM WAFL

The WAFL dewatering machines are the ideal dewatering sieve for fine solids. Fields of application are primarily with the separation of particles below 1mm.

The main characteristic of the WAFL is the combination of two screening principles – the direct and the indirect excitation of the screen mesh. A high-frequency linear movement of the housing of the dewatering sieve is generated by out-of-balance motors. This vibration transports the product along the screen mesh. At the same time magnetic vibrators are generating high-frequency oscillations which lead to a very high separation efficiency.

The WAFL is equipped with a supporting mesh for de-loading the overlaying finer separation mesh. Additionally, a feed bin and a water spraying system are also included.

Typically, the screen achieves a dewatering ratio twice as good as a standard linear motion dewatering sieve. Practically it means approx. 8 wt.% residual moisture is possible, standard screens are achieving around 15 wt.% H20. This difference means easier material handling and less drying costs for you because the material is already dewatered and pre-dried to a high level at the screen outlet. RHEWUM customers can apply smaller dryer dimensions and they will save energy costs due to the lower amount of water that needs to be evaporated. Alternatively, the output of an existing dryer can be increased, just by applying a high-performance dewatering sieve and helping get the best volumes from your existing machinery.

Still not convinced. We are happy to demonstrate the screens performance in our laboratory!