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Construction Projects – Structual Works Completed

21.01.2009, Remscheid

On 19th of December, 2008 the structural works of the new office building and manufacturing facilities of RHEWUM GmbH were inaugurated by the company´s employees.

The present works were nearly complete carried out by local workshops. Due to the weather conditions in the last few weeks there is some delay in the building activities´ progress. During this time it was not possible to continue various works in the interior parts. Despite this delay it is foreseen to move the offices into the new building at April 1st, 2009. Latest in May 2009 the production of RHEWUM´s high-quality screening machines should start in the new manufacturing facilities.

RHEWUM Construction ProjectsThe enlargement of the production capacities is an indispensable investment for the company´s future. The raw materials industry tends to larger and larger production units and therewith necessarily to larger and larger industrial screening machines. - with it´s extension works RHEWUM follows this demand. The a.m. tendency is confirmed by actual two major orders for screening machines which will be designed and manufactured in Remscheid-Luettringhausen in the year 2009. Countries of delivery are the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Qatar. The conveniently situated previous facilities should be let for rent or sold in the third quarter of 2009. With an area of approx. 9.300 square meters it is an attractive place in a grown industrial zone.

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