Leading the Way in Sustainable Industrial Screening: RHEWUM's Commitment to ESG

RHEWUM is going green. Learn more about our dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and our innovative solutions for a sustainable future. 

Why Sustainable Manufacturing Matters for Everyone

Green manufacturing is the process of creating products and goods in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. This includes minimizing waste and pollution, using renewable resources, reducing energy consumption and minimizing the environmental impact of production.

It is not only important for protecting the environment but also for creating a more sustainable future for all of us. By embracing green manufacturing practices, RHEWUM can also create new market opportunities and appeal to an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer base. It also means that we are more resilient to future regulations.

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ESG at RHEWUM: From Charging Stations to E-Bikes 

We believe in promoting sustainable practices in every aspect of our operations. That's why we offer our employees an inexpensive leasing opportunity for an e-bike, to use for cycling to work. This not only encourages a healthy lifestyle but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

In line with this, we also focus on power from renewable sources in our operations. Apart from producing our own solar generated electricity, we rely on power from renewable sources. This helps us to minimize our environmental impact. Our employees as well as our business partners benefit from charging their cars with 22kW of green electricity during their stay. This is an additional way for us to promote sustainable practices and support the adoption of clean energy. We believe that by taking small steps, together we can make a big impact and create a better future for everyone.

Powering the future: RHEWUM's Large-scale Photovoltaic Installation for Sustainable Energy

We have transformed a significant portion of our factory roof into a solar energy powerhouse. Utilizing an area of 3800 square meters, we have installed 1068 solar modules on 2000 square meters of roof space. This means that in the future, RHEWUM will be able to meet up to 70% of its energy needs through environmentally friendly, self-generated solar power. Our high-quality, all-glass solar modules are bifacial, meaning they can collect energy on both sides. The inverters used, with a total of 400 kW, are made in Germany and were installed by a specialist company.

Leading by Example in Green Manufacturing

At RHEWUM, we aim to lead by example and take on the challenges of sustainability. We achieve this through numerous measures, such as our remote service and our state-of-the-art and eco-friendly buildings and production halls. Start your virtual tour of our production site in Remscheid, Germany now. 

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Leading the Way in Sustainable Industrial Screening: RHEWUM's Commitment to ESG


Commitment to the environment at a glance

Our world is facing major challenges. Protecting our planet, promoting peace and prosperity for all people are crucial goals for a sustainable future. With Agenda 2030, the United Nations has developed a global plan for achieving these goals. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form the foundation for our common future.
As a company, we want to play our part in achieving these goals. Because we believe that we share responsibility for a sustainable future.