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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

RHEWUM supplies screening machine to German oil mill

, Hamm

In April 2010 RHEWUM GmbH gained an order for construction and manufacturing of a screening machine for company Oelmuehle (oil mill) Broekelmann which is producing amongst others the in Germany well known oil brand Broelio.

The machine type RIUS 1950x4000/1 will be used for the screening of 100 t/h rape seed at 3.5 mm.

Due to the natural high moisture content rape seed is a relatively hard to screen material. Being aware of this extensive tests were performed at RHEWUMs testing facilities before defining a machine type and size. Furthermore the machine is lined with a food compliant wear protection to protect the parts of the machine against the very strong rape seed. After a construction an manufacturing time of only 2 months the delivery of the machine is foreseen for the beginning of July 2010, start up is foreseen for the course of July.

About rape is an economical very important agricultural crop belonging to the family of Brassicaceae to which also mustard plants and cabbage are belonging to. The rape respectively rape seed is mainly used for the production of cooking oil and fuel as well as the so called rape cake as a by-product. The rape cake is mainly used as rich and albunimous animal feed.

About Broekelmann Ölmühle Brökelmann is situated in Hamm/Germany and producing several kinds of cooking oil for private and industrial customers amongst it the in Germay well known brand Brölio. Approx. 1.000 t/day of various oils seed are processed in the plant. First the seed is cleaned, then milled and pressed in screw extruders. 2/3 of the oil are produced this way and 1/3 is made by extraction. By this combination of milling and extraction as by-product albunimous pellets are produced which are used for high quality animal feed, e.g. for cattle, pig or chicken breeding.

About RHEWUM As your technology partner we design and construct our machines regarding your requirements. We focus on progressive methods to reach the customers´ demands and count on our experience in manufacturing of more than 6.000 (!) screening machines until now. Trust in that we mastered nearly all challenges in screening technology in more than 6 decades of RHEWUM´s history!