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Screening machines and equipment:
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Analysis of vibrating machines – RHEWUM offers further service

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If you have any problems with operating your vibrating machines use our new service!

RHEWUM GmbH supports customers which are working on applications in the field of vibration technology in dimensioning, construction, installation and operation of vibrating machines. In the process we use our in more than six decades gained experience in construction and manufacturing of high dynamic screening machines in combination with latest computerised simulation.

Analysis of your vibrating machines

RHEWUM GmbH supports raw material processing companies as well as machine manufacturers in concept determination and machine design by forecasting the static and dynamic characteristics of components and complete machines. Furthermore we offer the analysis of steel structures and/or floors of existing or planned buildings regarding its suitability as installation location for vibrating machines. Using mathematical machine analysis we support our customers in evaluation of machines as well causal research and solving dynamic problems during operation.

Solution with ANSYS

Besides the investigation of the existing general conditions on site we simulate your special application in our system short term. We use advanced simulation tools which simulate the characteristics of your machine resp. components after specifying the basic conditions. As result you get an extensive analysis of the load on the machine components and therewith a reliable identification of possible weak spots. To gain a quickest possible response time behaviour of the simulation the software works simultaneously on eight Intel processors using 96 GByte RAM. This equipment ensures a short term and realistic solution even of challenging vibration analysis problems.

What is ANSYS?

ANSYS is a powerful finite element program for modelling of coupled physical problems. It works in the field of structural mechanics and thermal tasks. In the field of structural mechanics with ANSYS you can get extensive physical models: - linear analysis - geometric nonlinearities - nonlinearic material laws - contact analysis - static or transient ANSYS bases upon latest solver technology in combination with pre- and port-processing. The modular conception of the software combines the advantages of structured and unstructured calculating meshes and is characterised by exact physical models, a robust algorithm and effective parallel processing. The automatic generation of the meshes and the optimal connection to all established CAD-systems (SolidWorks) offer the simple handling of complex gemoetries.

About RHEWUM GmbH As your technology partner we design and construct our machines regarding your requirements. We focus on progressive methods to reach the customers´ demands and count on our experience in manufacturing of more than 6.000 (!) screening machines until now. Trust in that we mastered nearly all challenges in screening technology in more than 6 decades of RHEWUM´s history!